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What documents do you need to have with you when delivering an end-of-life vehicle to a take-back point?

You need:
  • The vehicle's registration certificate (both technical and notification parts)
  • Your ID

Only the owner is entitled to scrap a vehicle. Therefore, the vehicle’s last holder must be able to prove their identity. If the person scrapping a vehicle is not the owner, then that person must present a power of attorney signed by the owner of the vehicle.

Sample power of attorney

Is recycling a car free in Finland?


How can I get a vehicle to the take-back point, if it is not fit to be driven?

Most take-back points can arrange for the transportation of the vehicle. The transportation may be subject to a fee determined by the take-back point.

How does the deregistration of a vehicle take place?

When an end-of-life vehicle has been received at a treatment facility, the last holder of the vehicle is issued a certificate of destruction and the vehicle is entered into the recycling system. The vehicle is automatically removed from the register and the collection of annual vehicle tax is terminated as soon as the system has sent a notification to the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi). The system also notifies the insurance company for the termination of the insurance. Deregistering an end-of-life vehicle does not cost anything to the last owner.

How do I know that the vehicle will really be scrapped?

When the last holder of the vehicle is issued a certificate of destruction, the vehicle has been entered into the recycling system and can no longer be commissioned to traffic.

Can I take a vehicle for scrapping if its documents are unavailable?

If a registered vehicle has no documents, the take-back point will check its data from Trafi. If the owner of an end-of-life vehicle suspects that the vehicle documents are incomplete, we recommend contacting the take-back point for instructions.

How much extra do I have to pay if the end-of-life vehicle contains rubbish?

The take-back point is entitled to charge the owner for costs incurred in disposing of the rubbish.

I own an end-of-a-life vehicle which is located in Åland. Where do I find Åland's car recycling facilities?

Finnish Car Recycling only handles the scrapping of cars in mainland Finland. Motorfordonsbyrån handles the scrapping in Åland, so you need to contact them, if you want to recycle a car in Åland.